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Overcoming Fear

What is fear?

FEAR, to many, is False Expectations Appearing Real.Fear is the manifestation of your insecurities that cripple and paralyze you in a way that prohibits growth. Many times in my life I realize that I’ve played it safe and done things exactly as it was expected of me and survived in the area of comfort and least resistance.

But not this time.

I admit that it’s difficult to put myself out there to pursue my goals and dreams, but the greatest victory comes from knowing that I’m much further along than I was before stepping out and battling the fear. At some point, I realized that life is not to be lived in that way. Instead, life is to be lived in a way that challenges, molds and uplifts to be more than imaginable.I find joy in knowing that someone can look at my life and be inspired to pursue their passion and leave it all on the floor.

So why live in fear?

Fear is where you’ll have “friends” and “nominal success” but what would happen if you walked a path that resulted in discomfort and growth? Asking for help, being uncomfortable, pursuing my dreams and forging a path is what overcoming fear looks like for me…what will it be for you?


-Jaz Vick


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