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we all have a story to share

the path story

Our story is a little messy. If they’re honest, most families would say the same. We are a family born out of conflict and matured through hardship. We are a family that has experienced memorable milestones and persevered through intense loss. We are a family that doesn’t have it all together, but we do have God and each other. And yet, through his power, God has used us to do our part in building his kingdom. 


In 2006, Michael & Shawn Patterson pulled together a small group of people who wanted to follow Jesus and set out on a simple mission: to save as many people as possible and teach them to do the same for others. Since then, God has worked through us to get the gospel out to thousands of people. Those who accepted the message have gone on to spread the message throughout the world.


In the decade plus since our inception, we’ve changed names and changed homes, we’ve grown and we’ve shrunk, we’ve seen each other at our best and our worst, but one thing that has remained the same is our love for God and our love for people. That love has propelled us to serve our community by making disciples who give back. We strongly believe that every disciple should strive to be their best in order to serve others. One of the ways we accomplish this is with a strong emphasis on discipling and leadership development. It is our goal to equip and send our members back into their network to be a source of hope, a light in the darkness, and an agent of change.


In recent years, God has blessed us with a season of unity, encouragement and growth. Our leadership team has grown and matured. We have rallied around a vision to create churches that mobilize the next generation. Families are building their homes on a solid foundation. Teenagers and college students are using their energy and passion for good. Professionals are embracing a spiritual definition of success. And those who are older are lending their wisdom to the next generation. 


We hope you will join us on this journey as our story continues.

A story isn’t developed without conflict. A journey isn’t started without a purpose. We are committed to God’s path for our church, and are dedicated to mobilizing the next generation of leaders, disciples, and doers for His glory. Come help us write the next chapter.

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