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welcome to the path

Our world is facing its share of challenges right now, but we don't have to go it alone. Find your community and stay connected by joining one of our mission groups today.

what to expect

We aren’t just church friends. This is where strangers turn into family. Life is done together and one another relationships are a manifestation of our love for God. Different walks of life. Various experiences. Our faults, passions, goals, and dreams all come under one roof as we push for transparency and a deeper connection with Jesus. We meet you with real talks, warm hugs, smiling faces, and a servant’s heart. So when we ask you how you’re feeling, we’re wanting to hear you, for you. Because wherever you’re at, we meet you where you are.

When You Arrive

Pull into the parking lot and be led to the most convenient parking spot available. Then be guided to the front doors and be greeted by our welcome team. They are specifically in place to serve you and your family. Upon entrance, expect a smile and directions to the sanctuary, children's ministry, and cafe.

path kids

Core memories begin in childhood. Here at The Path, we want to be a part of the good memories, where your kids remember our church as being fun, energizing, and full of love.They are little individuals following God’s unique path for their lives and we see them as vital parts of our community. They have so much to learn, see, and contribute, and we are honored to be on that journey with them! Step inside to learn how we roll!

Small Groups

mission groups

We believe that small groups are the core of the church. Whether you're a young professional, newly married, or an empty nester, we have a mission group for you.

start your journey

We want to meet you where you are on your spiritual journey and help you get to where God wants you to be. One of the most effective ways to kick-start or re-ignite your spiritual growth is through informal, small group Bible studies in which we discuss our journeys, lay a biblical foundation for your faith, and help you take the next steps in your relationship with God.



Interested in learning more about baptism? Connect with someone from our leadership team and let's discuss your next steps!

Have a question for us or want to connect? Send us a note.

Thanks for reaching out!

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