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He Was Smoking Weed

The other day while I was working out at the little park in my neighborhood, I came across a young man smoking weed. I put my weights down and started a conversation. I never once asked him about the weed. For what?!

That would’ve put him on the defensive or he would’ve shut down completely. And I would’ve never found out that we’re fans of the same college sports team, or that we share the same major, or that his mom is rehabbing from an almost fatal battle with Covid-19. Surely he would’ve never thanked me again after I hit him up on IG and told him it was great to connect with him.

As disciples, our goal should be to become all things to all people in order to WIN as many as possible. Is that our conviction? Or are we imitating the world in our fight to idolize our identities and WIN as many arguments as possible?

Pray for my new friend Josh...but don’t pray he’ll stop smoking weed. Pray that he can build such an intimate relationship with his Creator that he can trust God to meet EVERY need in his heart. And pray for his mom...that she will make a full recovery. Thank you in advance.

Angel Maldonado

Lead Pastor

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Unknown member
04. Dez. 2021

What a powerful illustration of loving people as Christ did. If we call ourselves Christians then we are claiming not just to be followera of his, but true IMITATORS of him. You treated Josh the way Christ would have. May God bless you just as you blessed Josh, and blessed me by sharing this.

Gefällt mir
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